Bug report (minor): A few missing signal-slot connections

Hi Dorico,

I opened up Dorico in Terminal.app trying to track down a separate issue that I had and I noticed a few missing signal/slot connections (caveat: I am a Qt programmer). I thought I’d list them here, in case you wanted to track them down (though I suspect they also come out in your terminal and you also have likely tracked them down (in which case, I apologize for being a bother).


  • qrc:/Dorico/Hub/HubOpenRecent.qml:91:5: QML Connections: Detected function "onModelTypeChanged" in Connections element. This is probably intended to be a signal handler but no signal of the target matches the name.
  • QObject::connect: No such slot Steinberg::Steam::AutomationBackgroundItem::drawDataChanged() in /Users/Buildserver/Builddata/re/327125690/b/steam/playmodequickui/source/items/playmodequickitems.cpp:2067
  • QObject::connect: No such signal DoricoDoubleSpinBox::focusLost() in /Users/Buildserver/Builddata/re/327125690/b/steam/source/backend/qt/controls/qpropertywidgets.cpp:487

In addition, my team just recently changed a bunch of the C++ string-based signal/slot connections to the functor-based connection types and I highly recommend it, should you have the bandwidth (in-between feature development). In that case we get compiler errors when they are not connected.


_ michael

Thanks for taking the time to report these, Michael. We do indeed see these, and a bunch of other similar issues, in our development builds. We haven’t quite managed to reduce the output from these kinds of things to zero as yet, but we’ll continue to work on it.

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