Bug Report: "Mixer: Show/Hide Channel Racks" does not work when toggled with a hotkey

(currently exhibited in Nuendo 10.2.10 (build 301))

Assigning a hotkey and then using that hotkey assignment to toggle “Mixer: Show/Hide Channel Racks” no longer works in Nuendo 10. I last used this successfully in Nuendo 8

Note that checking and unchecking the ‘Channel Racks’ box in the ‘Set up Window Layout’ window of the mixer (the single gear with window frame icon) does still function … it’s the use of a hotkey assigned to this function that fails to work. Also note, assigning and using a hotkey to other checkboxes within that same window such as ‘pictures’ and ‘notepad’ will successfully work. Only the ‘Channel Racks’ checkbox appears to be un-hotkey-able.

Thanks for any help,