Bug report: Music Studio Version 2.11 iOS


I would like to report a bug in the Music Studio app (full version) for iOS update 2.11.

The bug is: when modifying each track’s FX effects, the scroll-menu with effect-options won’t scroll and hence some options are not accessible due to an error. Anything above the effect “filter” does not show up when scrolling (e.g. “reverb” and “delay” which are the most used effects I use to modify single tracks).

I absolutely love this app and if this could be fixed it would be fantastic as I currently cannot add any reverb or delay effects to my tracks.

This bug has shown on several devices and after updating the app.

Thank you!!!

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Thanks for reporting this bug!
It’s already listed as a known issue at Music Studio 2.11 for iOS available and will be resolved with the next update soon.

Music Studio 2.11.1 which resolves this issue has just been released :slight_smile: