BUG REPORT: N11.0.20 - Notes in key editor get stuck after pressing Ctrl

I work a lot in the key editor with the snapping switched off as I prefer to activate the snapping temporarily by holding down the ctrl key while moving around notes. In Nuendo 11, the note will get stuck in it’s place if the ctrl key is pressed down too soon after pressing down the mouse button. This does not happen in any previous version of Cubase or Nuendo.

The issue below, which I also experienced, was thankfully fixed in Nuendo and Cubase 11.0.20:

But the above mentioned issue still persists.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a Midi part containing any number of notes in the key editor.
  2. Make sure snapping is turned off in the key editor.
  3. Click and hold the left mouse button on one of the midi notes and IMMEDIATELY press and hold Ctrl (I’ve realized I do this a lot).
  4. Try moving the midi note around - it will be stuck and impossible to move in any direction.
  5. Release ctrl and the mouse button.
  6. Click and hold the left mouse button on one of the notes again. Now, wait for one second before you press and hold Ctrl - the note will move around just fine. The note will also move around fine if you press and hold Ctrl before you press down the mouse button.
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Yes, I have the same issue. At first the bug was that a midi note got deselected. It was fixed in 11.0.20 but now the bug is that a midi note gets stuck so one bug was replaced with another.

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