Bug report on Hitpoints Detection Editor. UI related

Hi, this is a small bug that’s been, well, bugging me for a while.

First of all it is important to say that I have automatic hitpoints detection turned OFF. I usually work on large projects and I prefer to detect the hitpoints I need manually, usually just drums.

Whenever I’m detecting hitpoints for multitrack drums (kick, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3, etc.), I double click the first track I want to edit to open the editing window. I choose the “Hitpoints” tab, click on “Edit Hitpoints” to perform the automatic detection, set the threshold and other parameters to my liking and close the window, so I can move on to the next track.

NOW HERE COMES THE BUG: When I open the editor for the next track, it’s already on the “Hitpoints” tab but when I click on “Edit Hitpoints”, the automatic detection doesn’t start. I need to close and reopen the “Hitpoints” tab and only then hit “Edit Hitpoints” for it to work.

It’s a small nuisance but when you’re editing a handful of tracks for 10 songs, it means you have go through it 50 times and that becomes a productivity breaker.

All the best,

PS: I’m using the latest Cubase 12 Pro on the latest version of Win10.

Confirmed. I made a bug entry for this.


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Hey Andreas, I believe I’ve stumbled on another bug, most likely related with the previous. Here are the steps to replicate it:

  1. double click an audio event to open the audio editor (hitpoints tab).
  2. enable “Solo Editor”
  3. click “Edit Hitpoints” to perform the automatic detection.
  4. whenever I delete a hitpoint using Shift+LMB, the audio editor goes silent during playback.
  5. I need to press the solo button off and on again, or close/open the hitpoints tab, to get audio working again.