Bug Report: Pan Law Issue.

The Pan Law Setting in the latest Cubase 10 Pro seems does not change according to the setting in the Project Setting Page, on the setting -6 and -4.5.
It seems alway be -3 Please double check it.

The -3 pan law does not work in the same principle as that in the Pro Tools. I attached 4 snapshot about the -23 db stereo panned to the left channel. In ProTools, ,it is -20 on the left channel and -23 on the middle. In Cubase it is -23 on the left and and -26 on the middle.

The Pro Tools pan law seem to be more reasonable since if an instrument is panned to the left it should be louder on the left speaker than before.

This is the snap shot of Cubase pan law result.

I am looking forward for a response from the technical team.

This needs some attention from Steinberg!!!