BUG REPORT: Playing Technique Continuation Lines [Dorico 4]

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this has been reported yet, but:

Dorico 4 crashes every time I try to write in a playing technique continuation line in the Playing Technique popover menu. I’ve attempted this in the current project I’m working on, as well as a completely new file altogether. Are there any workarounds available that would allow me to connect two playing techniques with a line without using the popover menu?

Many thanks.

Hi @JoshT and welcome to the forum. When you’re doing this, are there notes on the staff or is the staff empty? Does it still crash when you try to add a pair of playing techniques with an arrow (->) inbetween or a playing technique across a duration to a staff that has notes, in the region of the notes?

@JoshT, if you could please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and upload the resulting zip file here, that would help us to determine what’s happening on your system.

Hi @Lillie_Harris - thanks so much!

There were notes on the staves when I tried to do this. It works perfectly when I try to create the line on an empty staff, a group of rests, or on a single note. But, when I try to do this on a group of notes, across a duration to a staff that has notes, or over a range of notes within the staff, Dorico immediately crashes. I also tried selecting the two notes I wanted the line to begin and end at - same issue, I tried to create it and Dorico crashed.

Hi @dspreadbury - I’ve created a diagnostic report and attached the ZIP file below. The issue is at measure 22 in the “CYMS.” part (I’ve notated a temporary workaround for now).

JoshT_Dorico 4 Diagnostics.zip (886.9 KB)

Thanks for the diagnostics, Josh. Are you able to also attach the project file so I can try to reproduce it for myself?

@dspreadbury Yes, I can do that! The file should be attached below (I’ve done some additional work on this piece, but nothing that’s resolved the issue at the moment).

JoshT_SCOREFILE [WIP].dorico (1.5 MB)

Thanks, Josh. I think you will find this problem is resolved in the first maintenance release, which we expect to be released at the start of February.

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