BUG REPORT - Plugin chain window won't switch tabs

At some point this bug developed for me and I haven’t been able to fix it. As far as I can tell/remember, there was no actual change to the OS install or the Wavelab install that prompted this bug, but it has persisted over multiple OS updates and multiple Wavelab reinstalls. I’m currently on macOS 13.2 (Ventura) but this bug first was happening for me on Monterey. I’m on the latest/current version of Wavelab as of writing this, 11.1.2.

The bug is that if I click on the tabs of the plugin chain window to switch to a different plugin, it doesn’t work. Nothing happens. Sometimes, very occasionally, if I keep clicking, like double-clicking or just repeatedly clicking a tab, it will eventually switch, but this is obviously not the designed or desired behaviour. The only way I can reliably switch to a different plugin GUI is to click on the plugin in the master section or the clip plugins section in the inspector. This will switch to the correct plugin in the plugin chain window. I can’t find any other posts about this bug so I’m reporting it. Also getting on to Steinberg support is a massive confusing pain, at least from where I am in Australia. So I’m posting this here.

So does this happen with all plugins … I ask because I have seen, in the past, a lag like this where there was a very CPU intensive plugin involved (one reason I don’t use Acust*ca Audio).

Also, how many plugs are typically inserted/active?

Yeah it seems to happen with all plugins. I was just setting up a new template, updating my workflow a bit and tested that it was still happening when I only had 2 plugins in the chain window and it was still doing this. This didn’t happen initially when I got Wavelab 11 in 2021. It started occurring sometime in the last year. And like I mentioned, I can’t think of anything I did to my setup that could prompt a change. It didn’t happen with a Wavelab update as far as I can remember and it didn’t occur with an OS update.

Just for more info … do you have this checked
Plugin Window Handling

Which thing checked? You mean the ‘Use plugin chain window’? If so, then yes of course, or else they’d all open in individual windows. (Which at one time a year or so ago I had to do because of another plugin chain window bug where the GUI of plugins was getting cut off).

It’s up to you, but perhaps temporarily use the One Window per Pug in setting to better see what is actually going on when you try and select another plug. For example one plug may hang, another may not.

If you haven’t done so already, maybe just load a couple of WL stock plugins only and see if the same behavior persists.

Are you running WL from the one machine or is it on a network/server?

I see you are on OSX but are you running any third party security apps?

Sorry for the delay in replying. I’m moving house so juggling many things. It still does it with stock plugins only. I’ll try the individual plugin window thing to see if there’s any indicator, but honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch in the combined plugin window itself as it does it with all plugins (so no one individual plugin is the culprit) and also as I said, when I click on the plugin listed in the master section or clip section etc, it switches in the combined window without hesitation. It’s only clicking on the tabs that doesn’t work.

I’m running WL on just the one machine. No third party security apps either.

FYI this glitch persists with the latest update to v 11.2.