Bug report: Presets dissappears when closed on Win shutdown


Do the following:

  • Shutdown Windows without quitting Cubase first.


  • Track presets, HalionOne presets, GAO presets ++ are gone the next time you start up Cubase.


  • Delete Cubases user files under %AppData%\Steinberg etc. Cubase will automatically rebuild the database on next startup.

This is a bug. I’m pretty sure Cubase doesn’t adhere to Windows standards when it cannot be closed by the OS without corrupting its own user files. I run and have run a lot of different programs in different categories, and Cubase is the only program I’ve encountered that cannot be closed by the OS without problems.

Now that I’m aware of the problem, I’ll of course try to close Cubase separately before i quit my computer. But just shutting down Windows is a quick way of closing 20 windows, Cubase included. Easy to forget when it works for everything … except Cubase.

Anyway, I know the final update has come, so this is just a way of steaming off for me!

Does anyone know if this problem is solved in version 7? If so, that’s a weighty argument in favour of upgrading for me.