bug report: replace audio in video file

when i try to replace audio in video i always get that notice:
“cannot replace audio in this video file. please close all applications that are using this video file and try again!”
tried it on two different computers. windows 7 and 10
even when i make a copy of a file. same thing
any suggetions?


Some other application is using the file (maybe even File Explorer) or there is no permission to write to the file.

it does not matter which video file i use. i’ve tested on many different files on different systems

Cubase previously used Quicktime for its video engine, which was discontinued on Windows by Apple with some really serious security issues. Steinberg had to build a new video engine, and this new engine is currently missing this feature. In the future, this feature will be replaced by the ability to render videos with your audio.

For now, you can export your audio and use freeware like DaVinci Resolve to add it to a video file.

I see, you are on Windows 7. If I’m right, this is Windows 7 issue.

The Windows 7 issue was importing audio from video (I think that’s fixed in Cubase 9.5). “Replace audio in video” doesn’t work on any OS.

I see, thanks.