Bug report: scrubbing over clef plays two sets of notes simultaneously

I’m encountering a scrubbing issue in (I just updated from 4, so I don’t know if this is new in 5.1 or something known.)

Suppose you have two systems: one ends with m40, and the next one begins with m41. If you use option+space to scrub the last beat of m40, it works. If you use option+space to scrub the first beat of m41, it works. But if you scrub over the clef beginning the measure of m40, it plays both the ending notes of m40 and the beginning notes of m41, which is a combination never actually heard.

This makes scrubbing in page view less than ideal, because rather than carelessly scrubbing to get a feel for things, I have to carefully avoid clefs lest I get startled by a clash that doesn’t actually exist in the music.

This can be seen at https://youtu.be/Yp20a-0Ybmc although I couldn’t hold down the option+space since I only had one hand free because the other was holding my phone.

I’ve noticed this in 5.0 as well.

Yes, we’re aware of this. It’s difficult to handle the boundary conditions where you have a lot of horizontal space that doesn’t have any musical space. I’m not sure how we could best improve this.