Bug Report: Spacing issues in Microtonal Accidentals


I am working on a microtonal piece of music and I’ve found a but in how it gets engraved. Microtonal accidentals that are created with multiple glyphs are not being spaced correctly in grace notes. They work in trill’s auxiliary notes, and on normal notes, but not grace notes. I’ve included a screenshot.

I’ve done some playing around with the software, and here is what I discovered:

In Engraving Options > Notes > Grace Notes > Scale Factor: when this number is adjusted to 1, it looks correct; at any other number, the white space between the symbols does not appear to change. Something in the scale factor coding for grace notes, in particular, is not working out. I’m a musician, not a coder, so I’ll let you all at Steinberg figure it out, though I can help you with anything you want!

On another post, your system for microtonal notation is so intuitive and works really well. Thank you! I’m looking forward to the next update.

Chase, can you please attach your project? I believe this problem has been fixed since you created your accidental definitions but you may need to recreate the accidentals in your tonality system that use multiple glyphs to take advantage of the fix.

I just made this tonality system on Dec. 30th, so I don’t see why this error would be occurring if it is solved. Anyhow, there’s always a (high) probability of user error. If you find any of that, please let me know.

You can download my file here: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/773157/View%20Through%20a%20White%20Mesh%20(15-EDO).dorico

Thanks for sharing your file. The reason for the problem is that you have got the accidentals in the “wrong” order in the editor: your Sagittal accidental is shown to the left of the regular Western accidental, but the components are in the reverse order to how they appear. Rather than adding the Sagittal accidental after the regular accidental, delete the Western accidental and add the Sagittal accidental first, then add the Western accidental you want to appear to its right. That should take care of the problem.

Thank you, Daniel! This seems to fix the problem.