Bug Report: Staccato Misplacement

If an accent is used on tied notes the placement is correct.

If a staccato is used on tied notes the placement is incorrect.

Can this be fixed?

Engraving Options>Articulations>Ties

Which setting? Why is it different for staccato vs accent?

The other thing that’s odd. It doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes it works.

You can choose to suit your preference.


This behaviour is intentional, although of course (as already described) you can change this if you prefer. Articulations that affect the onset of notes go at the start of tie chains, while articulations that affect their duration go at the end (as that’s the point in time at which shortening the note takes effect).

It’s also common in contemporary music to have a short note, like a semiquaver, at the end of a tie chain with a staccato on it to specify the note’s end point.