Bug Report: Timecode error with Cycle Marker exports

Repeatable error. Import many field recorder clips with important timecode data. Place on timeline at origin time (timecode value). If two clips are edge aligned (continuous recording with new take) and the created Cycle Markers are also event edge aligned… The export process will glitch BWF metadata for exports after the touching Cycle Markers, and all timecode for these and later clips will have incorrect timecode. The incorrect timecode value for all remaining exported clips will be the same as the edge-aligned Cycle Markers.

Solution: Edit audio to create 1 frame gap between audio events. Add new (or edit) cycle markers so they are not edge/event aligned. Exports for these clips, and all subsequent clips, will be correct/original timecode metadata.

This is a pretty big and common problem for those of us working with production audio source material (professional audio post production workflow).