Bug Report? Track Colours

I have couloured up a number of tracks in my template a number of colours.

If I then add another colour to the colour pallet or, more specifically, add another colour into the pallet list say halfway down, using the “Add colour above selected” function, this causes all the coloured tracks in the track listing to change colour, almost like they are shifting down the list of colours.

Very annoying when you spend a lot of time colouring tracks to work with template etc.


Could you write step-by-step reproduction, please? I can reproduce it here on my side.

Yeah, this is how it’s always been.

The list is seen by cubase in terms of its order, so if a color is inserted, the following colors get moved down one slot. I guess a workaround would be to use ‘Append New Color’ to add colors instead.

Create a track
assign a color
using the color tool add a color above the one you just assigned to the track
Track’s color changes.