Bug Report: Tranpose Window Not Displaying When Video Window is Open

I can’t replicate it on command, but not infrequently, the Transpose window will not display when I have the Video window open.
I have to close the video window, then select transpose again in order to get the window to appear.

Not a biggy, but thought I’d mention it.

Running Dorico
Macbook Air - M2

I’ve not seen any other reports of this, and in general there should be no difference between having the Video window or e.g. the Mixer window open. Are you invoking the Transpose command via a shortcut? If so, it might be that you need to ensure that the project window itself is in focus before you issue the command.


Sorry, I haven’t been checking on this, but re your reply above - I was trying to get to the transpose window via the menu, not with a keyboard shortcut.

It has happened to me maybe a dozen times since, but as I said, it doesn’t happen consistently so I’m not sure whether there is some third variable involved, and if so, what it might be. I’ll try and keep an eye out for other possible causes.

The interesting thing is that after selecting it, the “tranpose” option ends up greyed-out in the menu, leading me to assume that Dorico believes the window is already open. (It’s not getting hidden behind the video window, I checked that.)

It’s possible Dorico is throwing the window somewhere off-screen? I’m not using a second screen when it occurs, but maybe the window is getting thrown to a different desktop on osx? I’ll try and give more info if it happens again, although I’m done with that project now, so might not run into it again for a while

In theory, even if there is saved geometry for a dialog or window, such that Dorico wants to open that window on another display, if that other display isn’t connected or otherwise available, it will ignore the saved geometry and open the window on the current display instead.

If you see this again, try interacting with the main project window after you’ve tried to open the Transpose dialog. Because it’s modal, you shouldn’t be able to interact with the main score window at all if the Transpose dialog is open but off-screen.


It has happened again in a completely different file/project.

Dorico 5.2 | Mac OSX 13.4 (Ventura) | MacBook Air

It occurs when one gets the transpose function via the help menu search (which on mac is a handy way to find things buried in menus). When I clicked ‘Transpose’ just now via the help menu search, no window popped up, and the entire “Write” menu actually disappeared.

Dorico is still the foreground application, the menu bar still show Dorico, but I can also see that the window is no longer the foreground window, as the close/minimise/expand buttons are greyed.

“Transpose” is also no longer able to be found by the help menu.

If I click on the application’s frame header or whatever you call it - the bar where the close/minimise/expand buttons live - then the write menu reappears and transpose shows up again in the help menu.

This bug doesn’t occur if I access the Transpose function via the write menu, only using the help menu search function.

Hopefully that helps?