[Bug Report] Underlined playing technique and suffixes


I searched a lot on the forum and on facebook, but I couldn’t find anything about this yet.

In the piece I’m working on, I needed the playing techniques to be underlined. However, when adding a suffix, there appears to be one extra white space, which already appears wenn toggling the switch.

At the moment I could resolve it by just duplicating the PT and then building in the needed suffix in the PT.

Have a nice (in my case very snowy) Monday!

Thanks for reporting this. I can see why this is happening: Dorico appends a space to the end of the playing technique text even if you don’t specify any text in the Suffix property itself. We’ll fix this in a future version.

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One addition to this: removing the space would also make it possible to add a comma to a playing technique, which at this moment is not possible. For example to make arco, sempre staccato, you have to create a new technique as using the suffix function renders it arco , sempre staccato