Bug report: Unison + key change + system break

Dorico version, macOS 12.6 (21G115)

If you have a divisi that returns to a unison right at the end of a system, and there’s a key change right at that unison, the upcoming key change is only correctly indicated on one of the staffs; on all other staves of the divisi, the key change is not indicated.

This is pretty easy to reproduce but for your convenience I’m attaching a sample project that illustrates the issue.

bug.dorico (765.7 KB)


A partial workaround:

Select the cautionary key signature at the end of the Tenor 1 staff, Edit > Cut, Undo.
The key signature should now appear on both staves.
After saving the file, closing it and re-opening it, the key signature reverts to showing on only the Tenor 1 staff.
If you need to print the project, you will have to print after making the above edit.

After some more experimentation, I discovered that if you move the unis. marking back a little using alt-left arrow, the key signature appears correctly. It also survives after a save, close and re-open. The big problem, of course, is that the unis. marking is now in the wrong place. Hopefully another user will have had more experience with unison/divisi and will be able to offer some advice on any other steps which might help in this situation.

Thank you. I’m not too worried about this in my actual project, so I’m posting this mostly as a way to get this as a bug report into the hands of the team.

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Yes, we are aware of this problem, and a number of similar problems that affect the boundary between divisi and unison ranges, and they are on our backlog to be fixed. Unfortunately this is a very complex area of the software, so these bugs are not quick or easy to resolve: indeed, we will need to somewhat restructure aspects of this functionality to resolve them.