Bug Report: VST Connect PRO crashes if no camera detected

I have a Windows 10 PC running Cubase 10.0.60 with VST Connect PRO When I try to open a Cubase project which was setup to use VST Connect PRO with a camera, and there is no camera connected to my computer, then Cubase crashes w/o any error message.

Solution is simple: connect a camera. But Steinberg developers, please provide an error message.

I couldn’t reproduce this – Windows 10 1903 here with Cubase 10.5.12, I don’t have that problem – it’s a desktop PC and I can plug the external USB camera out, and the projects still work fine.

Same here, can’t reproduce. What camera are you (not) using?

Confirmed… Logitech C920 external USB camera

I’ve same problem with same camera. I opened a support case on this (in German), id is #292900 - just attached the crash dump

pls try version 4.0.44. If the problem persists, best to report here again.

4.0.44 still crashes without my camera. Also installed latest Logitech Capture_2.00.226 Software (which might contain latest driver), no change. Closed case btw because I know how to work around. Can provide a 4.0.44 crash dump if you want.

Tried it once more with 4.0.44. Logitech C920 connected and VST Connect started, cam pic visible. leave Cubase, unplug cam, start over: no crash, is selected. So yes, please send the crash dump, thanks.

Meanwhile upgraded to 10.5.20 because of other issues, but camera problem still persists. Here is the 10.5.20 crashdump: http://www.a-voss.de/steinberg/10.5/Cubase10.5.exe.14068.dmp

Created with: unplug camera, start cubase, create empty project, in Cloud-Menu select “create VST Connect”.

Tried again, Cubase asked for talkback channel, then crasehd (dump here: http://www.a-voss.de/steinberg/10.5/Cubase10.5.exe.13868.dmp).

Thanks a lot, we’ll check.

We can now reproduce it, it crashes in the cam driver. Thanks for the crashdump, we’ll try to fix it asap.

The reason in your case is that when the cam is not found, the first video input device found is selected, in this case it’s the “Logitech Capture”. This driver causes the crash, it is quite unpredictable as all of the procedure of inserting it in the video-chain runs w/o problems or errors and after the program continues to run peacefully, the driver suddenly crashes. This also happens when you start VST Connect successfully and select that device.

Anyway, we will abandon the “Logitech Capture” device in upcoming versions so that you cannot even select it. There are 30 other cam products which run with no problems whatsoever. Nothing is lost, as the cam can be chosen directly. For now, either uninstall the Logitech Capture app - if you don’t really use it, that’s a good idea anyway - , or make sure the cam is connected when you start VST Connect.