Bug report with SWAM Instruments

Dear people from Dorico

I have already made this request to Audio Modelling. But I don’t know if the problem is caused by them or by Dorico.
I have noticed a bug that makes “SWAM Section Strings” almost unusable in Dorico. I have different sections of instruments (violin divisi 1, 2, 3). Everything sounds great. I save a preset for each section. I save the project. But when I open it again, all sections are set to Divisi 1 and overlap in the stereo field. I then have to make the settings again in each instrument. Sometimes I have to open and close a project several times a day. Unfortunately, I often have to do without SWAM. Especially when I have a deadline.
I appreciate any help.

When you save a project, Dorico saves the state of each of the VST plug-ins, and restores that state when the project is reopened. This does exactly the same thing as what e.g. Cubase does when saving and restoring plug-ins. So I believe this problem must be on the plug-in side, and for some reason this state is not being restored when the plug-in is reloaded.

Thanks for the reply. Andrea from Audio Modeling sees the Problem on Doricos side :frowning:

Please feel free to pass my email address to him, and he can contact me so that we can discuss directly. My email is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.


Thank you so much. I passed your address to him.

All the best,