Bug report

the ⌘ + A is not working in the spectral layers 10.0.50 build 343

I can only choose “select all” from the menu

Best regards, Ole

Stand alone or ARA?

I just checked standalone, there it works

So the issue is only in ARA.


Does ⌘ + z for ”Undo” work for you in ARA mode?
Or Backspace for ”Delete”?

I have trouble with those and requested help via a support ticket 2 months ago but haven’t yet got a definitive answer from them.

Both ⌘+Z, delete and backspace is working fine here

Are you on Windows or OS X ?

I’m on Mac; Sonoma.
Mac Studio Max (M1), 3 screens.

Do you have SL ARA in a separate (”free floating”) window or as an editor in the Lower Zone?
I have SL in a separate window. It seems like Cubase doesn’t want to let SL use those key commands.

It’s free floating

I can’t make the ⌘ + a command work either. (ARA mode, separate window, separate screen)

There is obviously something weird going on in the key command handling when using SL in Cubase/Nuendo under Mac OS.
It is very irritating and it is indeed frustrating that Robin can’t reproduce it, even if he said that he only tried with SL in the lower zone.

It’s also frustrating that Steinberg support dropped the issue in the middle of our conversation (they actually didn’t read my postings but asked for info that I already had provided, again and again; the support process didn’t give much of a serious impression). I don’t believe they tried to reproduce more than in lower zone view, I asked but got no answer.

I can repro the issue when the ARA dialog is undocked (floating).
However it seems to be a Cubase issue : when SL is docked (embedded in the lower zone) it properly receive ⌘ + a, but when it is floating that key event is not received (Cubase does not send it to SL).
I forwarded that issue to the Cubase team.

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Thanks, it’s good to know it’s been brought to the Cubase team’s attention. :pray:t2:

This should be fixed in the upcoming Cubase/Nuendo 13.0.50 :slight_smile:

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When I try to use SL in Cubase 13 Pro the window just opens and is completely black. But if I hover the mouse over certain parts of the window I can enter things in but there is no graphic to see. But if I open it standalone then it works just fine.

13.0.50 is not here yet but the problem seems to have been solved in SpectraLayers 11.:smiley:

I just bought the SL update

And Im on the latest cubase .50

The issue renains the same

Sorry to hear. To be clear, I run SL 11.0.10.

Where did you find Cubase 13.0.50? I believe .41 is the latest one that is publically available.

Now I get doubts, I run the latest version og Cubase

You can check it in the Steinberg Download manager


Yes, I know which is the latest Cubase from the Steinberg Download Manager, i.e. 13.0.41 as per June 13 2024.
So .50 isn’t out yet.

My bad, it’s 13.0.41 as you stated.

But still the ⌘ + A is not working it Spectral layers 11 Pro running in Cubase


As expected - and why Robin was stating above that the release of Cubase 13.0.50 should find this issue addressed. Try again when that’s out… (should be soon I guess.!)

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Yeah, it is indeed unexpected though that the latest SL edition would solve my key commands issues, so I though I might report. Being on Mac though.

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