Bug: reporting after a full week of stable use and loving it.

Okay guys. So far Nuendo 8.1 is working really well on Windows 10 & 7. both 64bit, no sluggish graphics, very stable, opening up many N7 sessions (no fails) also I tried 2 cubase session (opened fine) seems like most problems reported so far are unfortunately Mac only issues (especially graphics), although I will try on our mac here in the studio when I have a chance.

only bug reported so far is:

  • DOP: On Resampling large file, image drawing of waveform is off sync, this seems to be the case also with pitch shifting. Maybe other processing that changes the length of files. I still need to test with fresh preferences just to confirm. Work around is bounce selection after process and waveform rebuilds proper imagine. Can anybody else reproduce the same bug.

missing feature from N7

  • Silence tool on multiple events used to have a process all events,

Not a bug but can use an improvement if possible

= tail feature only works before selecting clip. Must be set ahead of time before it works. A little annoying because usually that decision is made after a process is opened but not a big deal.

Happy Nuendo-ing!! The conform tool alone saved me hours of headache this week. Thanks Steiny.

Using Nuendo 8.1 all week on Win 7 x64 machine since the day it was released. It is running well and has been stable.