Bug reports / feature wish list

Hi there!

Thank you for the great effort you put into Dorico! It has some really clever concepts, and even though I have to abandon thinking within my beloved Sibelius workflow, I can’t wait to be able to work as fast with Dorico as I currently am with Sibelius…
Today I already found some tiny details that could be enhanced, so I thought I’d open a bug reports and feature wish list thread to collect all the ideas for the developer team. Here are my first suggestions:

[BUG] On my MacBook Pro, playback line and playback audio are running out of sync when I play longer passages.
[FEATURE] I would love to be able to move/copy&paste notes from one voice to another. Currently paste command only pastes into the same voice as the copied notes, overwriting other notes already present, no matter if chord input is activated or not.

I hope that not every one of the hundreds of people who have bought Dorico today decides to open their own personal bug report and wish list thread, but thanks for this…!

The problem with the playback line getting out of sync appears to be due to an OS bug in Mac OS X 10.10 and later, which is actually getting worse with each new update to the OS rather than better. We’re aware of it and we’re looking into it.

We also know that it would be useful to paste into different voices, and those sorts of specialised pasting commands will be coming relatively soon.

[FEATURE] It would be a big help to have previews of the fonts in the font style dropdown menu!

OK, I’m not going to respond to every new request you post in here, but have fun! :slight_smile:

[Bug] Dorico just crashes witout reason. Attached VS 2015 Debugger and got this:
Ausnahmefehler bei 0x00007FFE8AA373F3 (ntdll.dll) in Dorico.exe: 0xC0000374: Ein Heap wurde beschädigt (Parameter: 0x00007FFE8AA8F6B0)
Good luck with that!

On my fairly recent Mac, Dorico takes its time to launch. Being of the impatient type, I like to do other stuff in the meantime. However, when I bring another application to the foreground, Dorico will never finish launching. Is this a known issue?

I think this may be the same problem that I encountered fairly recently, and to which Daniel provided an easy fix:

I realized a playback and audio out of sync behavior when having Logic open at the same time and Logic was switched to 48KHz (before starting Dorico with Noteperformer3). Dorico’s position line were then about 2-4 bars ahead and the playback stopped when the position line reached the end of the track (and audio was 4 bars behind so the last bars were cut).
Probably a special case and a MacOS thing. I just wanted to add my experience.

Saxer, this isn’t new at all. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=107572 Is one of many topics on this forum that describes what you’re seeing.