BUG: Return to Start Position on Stop doesn't work form Cubase [fixed in 6.0.20]

Return to Start Position on Stop doesn’t work form Cubase.

I’ve set to return to start position on stop in Cubase, as well as in SpectralLayers. When Cubase project area is in focus it works. But when I do anything in SpectralLayers window on stop it jumps back to the starting position and then immediately jumps forward to the position where playback was when I hit stop.

Apparently in standalone version of SepctralLayers Return to Start Position on Stop doesn’t work properly either.

I switched it to Return to Start Position, and today switched it back, and it still returns to the Start Position.

Also my keyboard shortcuts got reset for some reason.

Yes, my keyboard shortcuts get reset as well. And the playback stop issue doesn’t happen constantly, but does occasionally

I would encourage folks to write up this stuff, and maybe send in a support ticket, as that is the only way Robin will see that it needs fixed.

How do you send in a support ticket? :confused:


That is one way to get there. You can also click on the top large Steinberg logo above, and that will take you towards some support pages, where you can eventually choose ‘phone or email’ support.

Great, thank you.