[BUG]REVerence presets - repro please

User reverence presets are breaking when you try to tweek them.

Open reverence
Open any preset, user or default
Save as new temp for this test

Open the temp preset
tweek it
save it, overwriting the original temp

Now try to load it again

On my side the preset is missing, rescanning vst folders in media bay will find it but only in the media bay results list, it will not show up in the plug in preset menu. The only way to load it is to click IMPORT and manually nav to the vst folder and search for ‘any’ instead of wav/aiff.

I have tried this with both presets built from default IR’s and presets built from imported IR’s and the results are the same. One detail I noticed is that the preset is a few kb smaller when you overwrite it.

I believe that this is a bug. Thank you for checking and reporting.

Which version of Nuendo are you using?


I’ve updated to 5.5.1 and this problem is still there.

Can anyone please reproduce this or confirm that it’s only on my side?


Can’t repro… Works fine here.
Just to be clear. By “temp” you mean “preset”?

I’m on Win7 64bit home and N5.5

Bye / Tumppi

yes, temp preset

Thanks Tumppi I’ll trouble shoot here


I also see the problem with my workflow concerning the “RECALL” button.
Maybe I am doing sth wrong, but what I am doing now:

Let’s say I have two instances of REVerence, A and B.
When I need a new room, I go into preview mode, browse and choose a new room impulse for the next slot. I then write the automation parameters to loop. Then however I have to go back to just before the scene starts, but AFTER where the preset slot number is loaded, and then hit RECALL while playing to write the recall function to the automation. (is this the problem you are referring to?)

I then save this REVerence preset (let’s say it was send A) to a temp file and load this temp preset into REV B so that I have the same rooms available there.

Am I doing anything wrong or are there better workflows for automating REVerence for film post?

Thanks for any tips,


Topic here…
Bye / Tumppi