[BUG] REVerence routing bug

I believe that this is a bug unless it can be explained to me.

When a multichannel reverence impulse is loaded, it seems that the surround channel order is routed incorrectly. This is most apparent when you adjust the levels of the front/rear level of the impulse from the plug in while looking at the plug in meters or the channel meters… Sometimes it is difficult to hear where things are coming from with verb and I never spotted this until now.

The front half of the interface seems to affect L+R+LS
The rear then effects C+RS

If you then play with the predelay, the front predelay effects L+R only
the rear predelay will effect C+RS+LS

unfortuanately, LS level is still being controlled by the front.

I have check a few SR impulses but not all.
Can anyone check and see what’s happening here?

Will do - I will check this later this afternoon…

You get a chance to check this out Neil?

curious what you find

I think that some presets are mis-labeled with the SR

Some behave as expected but other are not.