BUG: right-click menu on Tracks

This is 100% reproducible for me, across multiple projects. The right-click context menu doesn’t work (doesn’t appear) on track number 10 & above. All Stereo tracks FWIW.

Hmmm I am actually working on a 10 track album right now … I cannot reproduce this either in the edit or montage?

What system are you running?


I think I see what you’re talking about if you’re talking about montage tracks. On Windows 10, If you right click in the grey area to the right or left of the Track number, or in the Track meter area, you get the “Add Stereo Track” etc. menu, and it does stop working after a number of tracks, but where it happens seems to change if you change the track height. It happens at track 4, 5, or 6 if the track height is increased enough.

Is this what you’re seeing?

You can get the same menu by left clicking on the Track Number itself, and that won’t have the problem, but you can’t access the Track Number if the track is folded like you can with the right click, so that’s a problem.

But yes, the right click problem doesn’t seem to happen in Wavelab 8.5.

Correction. It happens in Wavelab 8.5 too.

Yes, stereo audio tracks in Audio Montage. I just tried a 13-track project again and at certain track heights I can’t get a right-click menu beyond track 5 or so. It depends, but there is definitely something wrong probably related to track height/zoom rather than the actual number of tracks.