BUG: Save Dialog upon Quit/Close redundancy

1.) make a change to an open session
2.) CMD-S to save file
3.) CMD-Q to quit or CMD-W to close

—> save / don’t save / cancel dialog appears, even though the file has not been “dirtied” after prior save - BUG


It depends what plug-ins and instruments do you use in the project.

Some plugins and instruments produce some data always. So they are in a different state when you quite (comparison with the state at the Save time point) therefore Cubase asks to save.

Thanks Martin.

To me, it’s incorrect behavior to SAVE a file then quit/close within a second or two and still be confronted by the Save dialog. Maybe the programmers can figure it out :wink:


Steinberg developers cannot do anything. The state of some plug-in changes, so Cubase asks you if you want to save this changed state.