[BUG] Select grouped region doesn't select in closed folders

  1. Create several folders, then create some regions in each of those folders. Select all the regions and Group them.
  2. Close (fold) all the folders except one
  3. Click on an exposed region in the open folder
  4. It does not select the rest of the grouped regions inside the other closed folders

This is a disturbing behavior.

When all folders are open, all regions are selected within a group when you click on one. If folders are closed, those regions are omitted from the selection.

ie: if you then go to move, mute, or delete the group, only the selected regions are moved, muted, or deleted etc. This can easily happen by accident if you are not aware of this “bug.”

The only solution is to make sure you UNFOLD all folders before you do any group operations. In very large sessions, this can get extremely tiresome too.

Funnily enough, I’ve seen this as a fantastic feature sometimes when I’ve made a lot of cuts to grouped events on several tracks and need to do some offline editing to one of the tracks only.

If this is in fact a bug and not a feature I hope that Steinberg implements a per track “disable groups” instead when fixing it.


Good point – but – one expects groups to behave as groups. That’s kind of the point of them. When there’s inexplicable exceptions to the rule, it’s a problem!

Mm, I know. The more I think about it the more I start to wonder if it’s a safety feature somehow. It’s quite easy to group events by accident or to simply forget to ungroup some events before editing. If the tracks you don’t want to change are hidden in a folder you might not notice it until long afterwards. By then it might be hard to remember what their original state was and you could even have deleted things by accident.

But if you edit one track and forget open a folder with groups, you can always find out how to treat the latter with help from the first.