BUG: Select>None

“Select None” and its associated key command, should actually mean what it suggests.

As it is now, executing that function always leaves a singular track (or two if using Divided Track List) SELECTED+Record enabled; making it subject to any and all subsequent functions. Bug!


Isn’t it meant to be to deselect all Audio/MIDI Events and Parts in the Project window (plus automation nodes, Tempo events, and other events)? Should it really deselect even the selected track(s)? What does the manual says, please?

To me, None means None :wink:

Or, please give us a command that actually deselects ALL.


It works like this since ever in Cubase. Actually, it’s quite tricky, if you want to deselect all tracks. The only one way how to do it (I know) is to click out of any track in the (Track) Visibility list. There is no other way. In the other cases any track is always selected.

How to deselect ALL Tracks in Project Window > Tracklist:

a) When multiple Tracks are selected in Tracklist: leftmouseclick on one Track Header, then hold SHIFT and leftmouseclick that Track Header again.
b) When only one Track is selected in Tracklist, hold SHIFT and then leftmouseclick it’s Track Header.

a) and b) will result in ALL Tracks being deselected.

Kind regards.