Bug: several audio events definitively replaced

Hi here

I’ve lost about 6 hours of recording!

I have the last version of cubasis and ios.

I record several audio events on several tracks. Not at the same time, each audio file was different (one for the verse and another for the chorus for example). they are all recorded using inter app and jamup as an input.

For some obscurs reason at a moment all of these recordings are replaced by the last one!! The only thing that is remaining is the edition of these events. If i press undo, the old events don’t comme back. And last, the events aren’t in the trash folders. They have just diseapeared!!
It happens twice yesterday and today and i’ve restarted the device early this morning. I dont remember quite well but perhaps the phenomenon happens just after mouving an audio events from a track to another, or just after moved the event on the same track but at another place.

I havnt found this issue on the bug’s list.

Ill rerecord but i’m kinda scared of losing all again


I too experience this bug. Unfortunately I just keep re recording until it sticks. Also will change audio around when loading a project. Hopefully they get these bugs taken care of soon…

I have got similar issues. Cubabsis will randomly arrange my tracks in a different order, while also shuffling the audio files in inappropriate track titles. :frowning:


sorry to hear and for the inconvenience… in order to investigate on this issue, we would need as close as possible, detailed information about your setups and a step by step reproduction. Also anybody willing to share his project files with us and send me a private message to a cloud service like dropbox would be very welcome! Your files will be used only for internal testing of course!


Please make sure to follow this procedure when reporting bugs / providing step-by-step descriptions:

Furthermore it is always recommended to make a snapshot in between when working on projects.
Further information about the topic to be found in the MediaBay chapter of the in-app help.



Hi and thanks for replying

LSlowak, I followed the procedure before creating this post. Maybe i’m not a good seeker but i didn’t found a post about this subject and i haven’t found it on the cubasis known issue’s list. Is it somewhere?

For the step by step descriptions, it is allways hard to all remember. I’ll try again:

  1. I record an audio event(a) on audio track 1 using iaa and jamup as audio input.
  2. I recored a second audio event (b) on audio track 2 using iaa and jamup as audio input
  3. I record a third audio event on audio track 1 © using iaa and jamup as audio input
  4. with edition tools, i short this third audio event (its lenght is shorter after) directly on the track
  5. I record a fourth audio event (d) on audio track 2 using iaa and jamup as audio input
  6. Something happens, i can’t tell why exactly but the audio events a b & c are replaced by d. The edition made on step 4 is still applied
    7)if i press undo, the events a b c don’t comme back. the event d disapear but events a b & c are still replaced by d
  7. the three events aren’t in the trash folders. They have just diseapeared

It’s not happening every time but twice this WE.

Making a snapshot is for sure a security. From two years of intense use of cubasis, i haven’t notice such bug so i havn’t got the habbit…

Also, if i havnt’ found it in the trash folder I havn’t chek yet in the audio files. i’ll go check If they are i’ll have to listen all before determinig the disepearing ones cause i’have made several takes before having THE Take) > edit: after checking they are not in the audio files. So they are completely lost


I hope there’s a solution because I’d rather not switch to another ipad Daw

Not meaning to be harsh, but this bug has made me stop using Cubasis for now.

Whenever you start moving events (only if or at least especially between tracks) and using undo, Cubasis will get unstable and/or mix up tracks, events, and whatnot. It seems to me that the way Undo is implemented in general is sub-optimal. It’s not only buggy, but also slow.

I think a reimplementation of undo might be in order. :confused:

I precise :as far as i remember the bug seems to appear
before pressing undo. I press undo after the bug appears in order to try to avoid the bug’s effect. And that’s not effective.
Edit :To be honnest i dontremeber exactly what happen so maybe they was a pb after mouving an event so i press undo and then the events was replaced. In that case, Instinctive, we have encontered the same bug

Hi Fred,

We will investigate !

please have a look to the audio folder, maybe the missings files are available there.

  1. To prevent " lost audio files" what should definitly not happened ! ,
    open the recorded audio file inside the audio editor and hit the “save to media” button.
    The audio file is now available inside the audio folder under “my audio files” and can’t get lost,
    except you delete it.

---- I record a third audio event on audio track 1 © using iaa and jamup as audio input

  1. You did a second audio file recording on track 1, so you got two overlab audio files on track 1
    Why do you do that ? Better is to create a new track for new audio recording to be on the saved side.

We can’t reproduce it, we are searching for an repro.
If you have an repro, please let us know .


Hi Jan and thanks for taking care of this issue

Yes i have looked at the audio files and unfortunately they arent’ there.

1> save to media the file is the lesser of two evil but that’s a security, especially for the best takes. That plus the snapshot thingswill at least secure my future recordings until it’s corrected
2> the two files aren’t in the same position in the track 1; the second file isn’t all over the first one, even if it can bleed over the edge of the first one. Exemple : the first file is for the verse and the second is for the chorus. It’s usefull to do something like an “auto punch in/auto punch out” in the old analogic DAW, if the singer wants to change a scream or whatever.

For the repro, i can send you an email with the project (if you become famous and rich i’ll find you anyway :wink:)?

Hey Jan,

the best way to reproduce the “Undo mixes up track / part relationships” is to “just use it” – sooner or later you’ll come across the issue. Leave your iPad connected to XCode and as soon as it happens, investigate :wink:

BTW: This kind of thing is exactly why I ALWAYS use an absolute brute-force approach to undo stacks: “Just dump the entire damn buffer into memory” (push) or “Just copy the entire damn memory back into the buffer” (pop) :wink: Yeah, this might not work for something as complicated as a Cubasis project, and with those memory constraints :cry:

The project might not help in reproducing the issue. Nevertheless please upload a zipped version of it and send a PM to Jan or me with the download link.



Anyone find any solutions yet? I’m afraid of using Cubasis now…

So I thought I was going nuts myself and thought I’d check here to see if anyone had same experience!

I lost 2 tracks I recorded last night as sketches with my band. Not the end of the world now that I know I will have to save to media and/or take snapshot (although snapshots start adding up fast and get hard to manage after a while).

I am not using Cubasis for any serious or final recording but it must be very frustrating for anyone that does. At most I may use it to do some remote/off-studio recordnings/overdubs of vocals etc. Just use a mix from my main DAW and record with iPad and my Focusrite iTrack Dock. Hopefully this bug will be corrected by then.

So this is absolutely a BUG. Watch out when using copy and/or paste. That is when it happened to me and again this morning.

Solution for now: Save to media and Snapshots. Better than loosing valuable time and ideas.

To Steinberg: Please fix this! You have a great little product in Cubasis but you may be loosing potential Cubase etc. customers because of this bug.