Bug: Shift-X greys out options

I think this is a bug.

When I’m in Write mode and open Shift-X, if I switch to Engrave mode before closing the text popover, my options in Engrave menu (nearly all of them) are greyed out.

Closing and re-opening the file doesn’t fix it. Opening other files doesn’t fix it either - those menu items are still greyed out. I have to close Dorico and relaunch, and then it’s fine.

Well this is interesting. On Mac, if, within Write mode, I type Shift-X, on changing to Engrave mode the Shift-X popover is automatically closed (storing anything that’s been typed). I’ll have to check later as to whether this is a Windows-only thing or a DanKreider-only thing :wink:

It doesn’t happen for me on Windows - I get the same as pianoleo described. I tried with both Page view and Galley view in write mode - both had the same behaviour.

Yes, when I switch to Engrave mode the popover closes for me as well. But you’re saying the Engrave menu is not subsequently greyed out for you?

Nope. Works absolutely fine here.

Well…hmm. can you make the file read-only, then open it and try it?

Still fine here!

Dan, how are you switching to Engrave mode? The only way I can think you would be able to do it while the text editor is open is by clicking the Engrave button on the toolbar, which works as expected for me, but perhaps you’ve got some other nefarious method of achieving it.

Nope, that’s the way I’m doing it.

Sorry. Not intentionally trying to find mysteries. But this one has actually tripped me up a couple times. Should I screen capture?

Sure, by all means.

All popovers no longer work. I can invoke the caret, but I can’t enter any letter names for notes.

I just tried this same thing on another file… same result. It’s a bit scary, but a relaunch fixes it.

Right, the fact you’re in galley view in Write mode is doubtless significant. We’ll make a note of this and try to sort it out in future. In the meantime, you know how the “doctor, doctor” joke about “it hurts when I do this” goes…

Interestingly, I’m still unable to reproduce this problem for myself, however.