BUG?: Sidechain sends issue when duplicating instruments

Hey guys, please confirm if possible :slight_smile:

I’m on PC / Windows 7x64 with Cubase 6.0x32.

Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Cubase and start a new empty project
  1. Create 1 instrument track and 1 audio track (in that order)
  2. Add a compressor on Instrument Track 01 and enable sidechaining on the compressor
  3. Create a send on Audio 01 and send the full signal (0db) to the compressor on Instrument Track 01
  4. Duplicate Instrument Track 01
  5. Now attempt to create a send on Audio 01 to Copy of Instrument Track 01 and notice that you only get to choose from Instrument Track 01 twice, either choice only sends the signal to Instrument Track 01, not Copy of Instrument Track 01


    • Delete the compressor and re-add it on the duplicate track
  • Drag the compressor from the duplicate track to another channel, then drag it back

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi - I’ll confirm for you; sounds exactly the same as I reported here a while ago at release 6.0.0 Can’t find the post now - shame, as it had a vid link embedded that showed the flawed behaviour nicely… (though your steps and description are spot on as far as I recall…).


Thanks mate, I think this is the post you were referring to? http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3426

Steinberg Mods, can you please add this to the bugbase. I’m quite certain this bug has been around since sidechaining was introduced in v4 and it is rather concerning to see it survive so many updates without resolution.

Yes, exactly - thats the one… (didn’t look very hard did I…? :slight_smile:)

I notice the embedded vid from the Nuendo forum link is no longer avaiable; but that Thorsten Marx guy from SB should be on the case about the issue… we’ll see…