[Bug] Signal bleed in 5.1

I’m having a weird issue in Nuendo 11 on windows 10. I have a mono audio track panned center which is routed to a 5.1 output. On the meter on the audio track you can see that it’s panned fully center. In the output meter you can see it’s showing some signal also on the right output channel. I can see this signal on my interface meters as well so it’s actually sending signal to that channel it isn’t just a visual problem with the meter. Anyone have a solution for this?

Dumb question: Did you try putting the channel in solo? Just asking because I see you have another channel in input monitoring mode or whatever it’s called, so figuring you’d need to make sure nothing else is playing simultaneously.

Dumb question #2: Did you try in a clean project with just the one or two channels?

I’ve never seen this btw.

I ended up deleting the output and creating a new one and that seemed to fix it.

You have probably accidently touched the surround panner of your output.


also checkn what’s on your control room insert bus