Bug: Slices do not return after 'load kit with patterns'

What I’m talking about is, when you initially load a loop onto a pad, and slice it, it lines all the proceeding pads with the slices and has them in a sort of cooperative edit state. If you go and save this as a kit however, and then load it, this edit state is lost.

I’d also like to save these as an instrument that are loaded in just as they are when they are sliced.

see video gif

I think I figured it out, when loading the kit, have to ‘load with pattern’ in order to get that slice-edit state back.

except that when it reloads, the slices are no longer there and the whole waveform is highlighted… how do I change this?

you’ll notice at the bottom, is says ‘remove slices’ as if the slices are still there.

I am having another bug I will start a new thread.