Bug? Slurs don't get duplicated

Dorico 4.0.10 / Mac - When I copy music (the whole flow) from one staff to another, the slurs don’t make it to the destination staff. Same result regardless of technique: Mouse or alt/cmd-M.

The whole flow: I select first bar, then “select more” (shift/cmd-A).
I discovered now: When copying just a section of music between staves, all good.

The reason you are having troubles is that if you select notes, and then use the ‘select more’ command, all that does is select more notes not notes and slurs. If you want select more to get both, you need to select both a note and a slur, and then use the command.


Or, if you want to select ‘the whole flow’, use “Select to End of Flow” (I have assigned it a key shortcut.)


Yes, I used to do that (select to end of flow) and have also assigned a shortcut. Actually I started using “select more” inspired by John Barron on Discover Dorico. I’ll check more in detail how select more works when I’m back on the Mac …