BUG: Sometimes, randomly, Shift+Selecting pads does not select what would be expected and normal

Everyonce and a while, it seems as if Groove Agent loses track of what order the pads are in. For instance, I will go to shift+select a number of pads in order - left to right-bottom-up but it will select backwards.

Not sure what the steps to reproduce are… But at the moment, I am making my own GA Libraries and I’m moving stuff around a lot. Copying pads from one kit to another. Cutting pads and pasting them both within agents/kits and from outside from other agents/kits.

Issue always seems to be only with Group 8.

Confirmed, this is an issue with Group 8. Shift+selecting multiple pads does not function as it should and erroneously selects pads in the prior groups.

I figured out that because the last 4 top pads on Group 8 are lower midi note values (because they couldn’t go any higher) and so I guess pad selection is based off MIDI note… and not Pad #? so it ends up selecting backwards. :astonished: