Bug: sorting columns with multiple screens

We have this problem in the Mediabay and Markers window. In our case we use 3 monitors and a TV. It is only the most left monitor that refuses to sort, other screens work fine.

We have this issue at several machines (Intel Mac Pro and Mac Studio M1), all with the latest version of Nuendo in Mac Catalina and Montery.

I hope Steinberg picks this up :slight_smile:


picked-up :slight_smile: … strange bug! I contacted our framework team, thanks for reporting!

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Hi @JPGeers , we want to try reproducing the issue inhouse. Could you please share some information about the screen setup(s), regarding monitor / TV resolutions and screen arrangement? PM would be fine. Thanks & Regards, Jörg Hoinkis (Steinberg MediaBay developer)


Hi @JPGeers , and please add a screenshot of the System Preferences Tab with the Monitor arrangement visible. It’s very important to know how a screen is arranged to its neighbours. Thanks.

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Hi @Joerg and @Arne_Scheffler, thanks for your support! I made a screenshot showing the system prefs of all screens. They all use its default screen resolution but for the screenshot I ticked the option ‘scaled’ to show the resolution. My colleague @Misja_van_Waterschoo has a comparable setup.

Let me know if you need more info!

Hi @JPGeers , we’d like to also get the screenshot of the “rangschikking” tab. Thanks in advance.

Here it is!

Perfect, thank you!

Hi @Arne_Scheffler and @Joerg, did you make any progress already?

Good to know: the same issue happens on the TV monitor. That being said: we found another issue which is very similar to the previous one. Processes in the Direct Offline window can not be abled/disabled on the left screen and TV monitor. We made a video of it, unfortunately I can not upload it here.

You can download the video here, thanks to @MAS : Video

Hi @JPGeers , Happy New Year! I downloaded the video and attached it to the bug report, thanks for that, very obvious malfunction. Unfortunately we couldn’t yet find a setup to reproduce the issue for analysis in house.

Hi @JPGeers ,

last week I did another tests on macOS using the exact same number of screens, screen positions and resolutions (excatly like shown on the provided screenshot of yours). However, everything was working fine on my end so we still cannot reproduce the issue! I tested this on macOS 13 though (please let me know if you’re still on Monterey, even though I don’t think that this makes a difference).

I’m a bit puzzled now. I’m wondering: does this still occur if you take one display out of the setup? For example, the TV display which is on top of the arrangement - if you disconnect it, does the issue still occur? Another question: what happens if you change the resolution of that very wide display in the middle. If you change the resolution to 1920x1080 there, does the issue still occur? And finally, what happens if you choose your left monitor to be the main screen - does the issue show up in this scenario?

Thanks for your patience, that’s in fact a weird one of a bug!
Cheers, Axel

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