[BUG] Staff hiding and Lyrics

Hi All,

Hope this is the right place for this.

Seem to be encountering a bug with lyrics and staff hiding in Dorico 3.1

Steps to recreate:

Create two or more vocal lines within a chart and a piano staff underneath
Say line one is a lead vocal line and then staff two is BVs which are more sporadic with their entries
Entering lyrics for staff two works as expected however jumping across large sections using the space bar (i.e from the last BV lyrics of a chorus to the first of a subsequent chorus) seems to override automatic staff hiding, leaving you with multiple systems containing empty bars.


Delete the last lyric of the first section, re enter the lyric without pressing space bar (just click away from the popover)
If the lyric is over a melisma and you require a line extending from the lyric then you can add a random note at the end, enter the lyrics (using the space bar to generate the line) and then delete the extra “stopper” note.

Welcome to the forum, Jamie, and thanks for your feedback. This is not a bug, though it is certainly something to be aware of. When you advance the caret with space, you are actually extending the duration of the lyric, so by hitting Space from the last note before several bars’ rest and then resuming entry later on, you are creating a lyric that spans that whole distance, and hence the staff will then be shown. Although it breaks the flow a bit, you should stop input after the last note and then restart again at the point at which the next note appears.

Thanks for the speedy reply Daniel, I’d only come across it by inadvertently not stopping input between sections. I’m wondering if the behaviour for lyrics on melismas at the end of sections is maybe what’s slightly counter intuitive at present? I wasn’t able to generate the line, (i.e lyrics_____) without using the spacebar to advance the caret to the next lyric (which is in a different section).

Other than that I’m absolutely besotted with Dorico, installed the trial a while back, used it for five minutes and immediately uninstalled it because I knew I was going to fall in love with it and would have to shell out for a license. (I lasted all of about a week before buying)

Also huge kudos on Dorico SE, it’s such an incredible offering for beginners!

I agree that we should try to find a way to handle this situation more elegantly in the fullness of time, because it would be good to be able to just blithely hit Space and keep going.

Really glad you’re enjoying using Dorico overall!