[BUG?] Studio presets don't save/recall monitor sources?

In VST Connections, if I set up monitor sources then save a preset, nothing happens when I recall that preset. Only talkback and headphone/monitor config seems to be saved and recalled.

Can anyone confirm? Kind of a drag.


I’m also seeing that Studio presets set in one session don’t even show up in another.

Are Studio presets working for anyone else?


Anyone? It’s extremely time consuming to have to set up the studio configuration every time I switch to a new project. Any assistance would be much appreciated.



OK, how about someone just chime in to say that studio presets are working for them?

I wouldn’t know if they work or not, since this is something that -in theory and everyday work- never need to be changed.

And as far as recalling “Monitorl sources” and so, these work absolutely fine on our systems; on the condition that the project actually has the outputs/groups/whetever included for connecting to these Monitor Sources.
If these aren’t there to start with, then it’s obvious that the recall won’t work.


I’m not sure I agree with the theory that monitor sources never need to be changed. I use them along with keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between listening to various stem combinations that are project-specific. They need to change every time I switch projects.

So since my projects do have outputs/groups/whatever and recall of monitor source doesn’t work, I’ll take it up with Steinberg.

Thanks for verifying that it’s just me.


I think there should be an option locking monitor Control Room connections.

I think you misunderstood me.
I absolutely agree that the Monitor Sources need to be often changed.

I have a few that I recall often, for projects with specific monitor sources, and -for the moment- I haven’t had any that failed to load/recall.
Can you be specific to what exactly isn’t working?
When I load projects with monitor sources, they are recalled correctly with the project.
So, when you say that you have to set up the studio configuration (I assumed the complete studio routing), what are you starting with? Monitor sources are project related, since these sources are specific to the project. So there can’t be any monitor sources before there is a project; no!?


Sometimes input channels are different for different projects. In that cases CR resets talkback channel to not connected.