Bug? System objects above percussion

Is there a known bug preventing system objects from appearing above a percussion grid? I am finishing a piece for two horns and percussion. Players will read off the score, so I want tempo markings above Horn 1 and Percussion. I’ve tried selecting all groups in Layout Options to show system objects, but nothing is working.

Incidentally, I also couldn’t get a numbered bar region to appear above this same percussion grid.

Are any of the percussion instruments bracketed together? If not, no system objects will appear there (as explained in the text at the top of the System Object Positions section of Layout Options).

If it’s not that, we’ll probably need to see a project; this isn’t a common complaint so it’s not possible to diagnose from a few lines of text.

side note: I’d like to see this restriction on System Object Positions relaxed. In the case of percussion in particular, brackets can vary from system to system and it’s disorientating for one page to have system objects at three locations and the next to show them only at two locations. Not to mention (in-line) piano duet music, where it can be useful to system text above both grand staves.


Thank you, that was the problem! I have one player with a vibraphone and a kit, but they are alternating between those instruments each movement, so the staves never appear together on the score. I had to go to write mode to add some notes so they would appear together in engrave mode, bracket them, and then delete the notes to revert the score to correct formatting.

Your side note is spot on.