[Bug?] System Track blocking certain area on score, result in unable to move objects

I’m not sure if this has been reported or not, as I can’t locate it anywhere on the forum.

There’s a score I’m working on and when I tried to adjust the hairpin of cresc./dim. in Engrave Mode in the parts, there are times I can’t move the hairpin. I was wondering why I could do it in Full score mode but not parts, until I disabled the view System Track option.

Apparently in Engrave Mode, even the System Track is hidden, they are still there and whenever I clicked the hairpin, the 3 adjustable blocks wouldn’t show up, I suspect the mouse cursor was actually on the hidden system track box instead.

I’m unable to reproduce this. When you’re in Engrave mode, the system track isn’t drawn at all, and nor are its click areas included. Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem?



Please have a look at, for instance, bar 94 of Violin 1. If I highlight the dim. hairpin and enter Engrave mode, it doesn’t allow me to do any alternation on it.

Thank you Daniel.

I can edit it just fine. Do you have Frame editing enabled (upper left corner)? If so, you need to disable that to do any edits.

I’ve double checked, Frame editing is not on.

Attached are 2 screenshots of bar 94 of my file. Basically the System Track box from the bar underneath, is overlapping the dim. hairpin. I can click and highlight the slur or any of the notes in bar 94, but not the hairpin or the pp.

I see it now, I get the same behavior! More specifically, I’m able to select the upper part of the hairpin, as this isn’t covered by the system track (probably a difference in screen resolution or something like that). It only appears when System track is enabled, even though it’s not visible.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem: the issue has been fixed since 2.0 was released, and in the next update, you will find that the system track does not interfere with selections in Engrave mode even if it is enabled in Write mode.