Bug: tab rhythms in version 5.02

Enabling then disabling rhythm notation in tablature (apply stems and augmentation dots) does not resolve properly. see video and try it for yourself.

have i submitted to the right place to report bugs?


Just in case it’s not an issue for all users, it’s useful to attach a minimal project that you can reproduce it in.

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Thanks for reporting this. You should find that closing and reopening the project clears any spurious rhythm dots. We’ll make sure it gets fixed in due course.

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thank you for your support

Hi @dspreadbury just to follow up this post- i noticed today that when i imported an XML file it displayed the rests in the tablature notation as “show rhythms” was turned on.
When i turned this off the stems vanished but the rests did not.
Following your advice, i closed the document and re-opened and it appeared as expected (ie the rest were not show as intended)
thought you might like to be aware of this.

Thanks for following up. We’ve fixed this issue in our development builds, and the fix will be included in Dorico 5.1 when it arrives.