[BUG] Tags created in Halion 4 browser *never* stick

I have had this issue ever since Halion 4.5 was initially released. I always looked past this particular shortcoming, but now it is proving to be quite annoying and cumbersome to my workflow.

The problem is this. Using the new browser introduced in Halion 4.5, one cannot set any of the attributes of a listed sample and have them reliably stick. I have wasted countless times setting ratings, writing comments beside samples etc, just to have all this work vanish the very next time I go back to the browser to load said samples. This has always been the case and I have never got the metadata to stick.

Now. If I do the same thing to the same samples in the Cubase Mediabay, the Halion 4.5 browser will accurately read the metadata imbedded into the samples which the Cubase Mediabay has done, but I expect this exact behaviour to be true when tagging samples in the Halion 4 Browser. What is the point of being able to write comments, set ratings etc in the Halion 4.5 browser, if the information will not stay upon next loading? I do 99% of my work in Halion 4 and do not want to have to rely jumping back and forth between it and the Cubase Mediabay just to tag samples. If Halion 4.5 offers tagging of samples in its browser, I would like to see it work reliably please. I really should have brought this bug up months ago and I regret not doing so as it could have been fixed already, especially since I am now finding a huge need to get my samples organized and tagged for easier reference.

Has anyone been able to tag a sample from fresh from within the Halion 4.5 browser and have the data reliably stick the next time they browse for that sample? For me, all comments, ratings etc are left with an empty field upon next loading, but if the tagging is done in the Cubase Mediabay, Halion 4 browser will read and display the metadata as should.

Seems this feature pretty stable to me. I usually rate, tag mulitple Programs, add new fields (like e.g. Sample Library) and they stay the same after loading it. Hope it will stay like this.

MediaBay is awesome in HALion 4.5 - if it works as expected. I can imagine how disastrous is that to a workflow if it forgets. You may try to backup a state when it works, and load it back when it disappears, check what happens then.

Thanks for your reply, however, I believe we are talking about two different things. You mentioned the Halion 4 Mediabay and for me as well, the Mediabay aspect of Halion 4 does in fact hold tags attributed to samples. The issue I am having is with the ‘Sample Browser’ tab also found in Halion 4.5, the portion that lists all files on your hard drive to go preview through. This also has tagging capabilities, but for me, the tagging set in the ‘browser window’ do NOT stick like the ‘Mediabay’ does.

Can you confirm that either you were mistaken in confusing the Mediabay with the Sample browser, or that the Sample browser does in fact keep tags for you AS WELL as the Mediabay?

Thanks again for your reply.

Sorry, my observation relates solely to the Halion MediaBay.

However, yes, I also noticed strange things in Cubase MediaBay alone… without touching HALion, but that would be off-topic here.

Thanks for the confirmation, I appreciate your time in replying. It appears I am right then and the Mediabay portion of Halion 4 is acting as should, but the problem still stands where the sample browser is not in terms of tags sticking once applied to samples.

I never use the rating or comment system, but I did a quick test and added a comment + rating to a few samples.
I used the Halion 4 “Browser”, and the rating and comments are kept when I restart (stand alone) or reload (VSTi) Halion 4.
The comments (not the rating) are also present in Cubase’s “Media Bay”. When I add or modify a comment in Cubase’s “Media Bay”, it is presented in Halion 4’s browser again.

A long shot, but could it have something to do with administrator rights of the OS?

Strange. I have full admin privileges and always have. The tagging of presets in the mediabay stick fine, just not in the browser. I can tag in Cubase Mediabay just fine and it sticks, but not the browser in Halion 4.5. It has never worked for me, not on 4.5, 4.5.1 or 4.5.2.

The files are not protected or read only? (I do not use the browser for tagging, but thought I’d pitch my 2 cents.)

Thanks for your input, but no, they are just standard wav/rx2 files scattered all over my one hard drive. Same samples can tag fine in Cubase mediabay. I can tag them in the Halion 4.5 browser as well, they just don’t stay. Upon next loading all inputted info is erased and I’m left with blankly tagged samples again.

This is annoying to say the least. :angry: