BUG: Tempo Detection Crash / Freeze

+1 same problem, I’m on C10.5 (latest update) OSX

Same Problem Here. Cubase 11.0.1 windows 10 x64

is that solved??? I dont like this situation what… a sample rate…

On Midi Tempo Detection has same problem. on cubase 11.0.1 windows 10 x64

Hi all!

I’m on C11 Pro, and have the exact problem described in the various posts. Has there been an actual fix for this that resolves the issue in all circumstances?


Not that I am aware of (I’m using alternative products through need - latest Cubase I have is 10.0.x.)

Due Yamaha ownership I cannot log it as a bug here. I have had email exchange on this with Yamaha Australia, originally reported to them on 26 May 2020. The best they can say is that its been logged with Steinberg.

Anyone else have any up to date info? What about CAN-22700?