bug Tempotext/properties panel/play

If you enter a tempo text e.g. at the beginning of a piece and it is still selected (highlighted) then open the properties panel (cmd-8) hit spacebar for playback and you can’t stop playback with spacebar again unless you close the properties panel.
Dorico Pro version 2.

I expect this will depend on what settings you have in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences for full keyboard access. The Space bar will activate the widget in focus, e.g. it will check a checkbox or push a button, so I imagine you have ended up with the focus trapped in the Properties panel. You may find it helpful to know that you can return the focus to the score view by typing Alt+8.

Alt+8 doesn’t help. As long as the tempo marking is orange (highlighted) I can start playback with spacebar after I have opened the properties panel but I can’t stop playback with spacebar again as long as the property panel is open or the tempo marking is selected. It is easy to reproduce.

Start a new score. create a new player with instrument. Set a measure e.g. C. input some notes for some bars. create a tempo marking at the beginning of the score and leave it selected. Open property panel. Hit spacebar for playback. Hit spacebar again and playback does not stop.

There is no problem if a note is selected but as long as the tempo marking is selected this problem remains.

By the way, I have just tested the same procedure with Dorico 1.2 and there is no problem there!

As I say, I think this issue is probably caused by your full keyboard access settings in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences. Take a look at what’s happening in the Properties panel when you hit Space: I suspect you are activating the slide switch for the ‘Muted’ property in the Common group of the Properties panel. When the keyboard focus is in the Properties panel, hitting Space will activate the focused control. (I feel like I’m saying the same thing as in my previous reply, here, but perhaps writing it in different words will make it clearer.)

Have you try the procedure? You don’t get this result?
Has there been a change in version 2 because there is no problem in version 1,2.?

I have looked at the property panel and I can’t see any change there when I hit space the second time.

What should I set differently in the system panel. Maybe I’d not really understand which setting you mean here.

Yes, I have tried it. I don’t know what the setting is called in the German version of macOS, but this is where it’s found in the English version. This setting determines which kinds of controls will try to take focus and which will not. The focus is ending up in the Properties panel for you, and not for me, and it will be due to this setting.

And it stops playback for you?
Why don’t I have this behaviour in version 1.2?

I have set this setting in System Preferences now to “all controls”. It was set to “Text boxes and lists only” but to no avail. Still the problem remains in version 2. When I hit space in order to stop playback the green line disappears but playback goes on.

Well I can live with it. I just thought it may help to improve the app when I write this down here but if it only happens to me I am just unlucky with that too.

Although I can’t explain the discrepancy between your computer and mine, the difference is most likely the new control for changing the beat unit of the tempo, which was not present in Dorico 1.2. I can make a speculative change to the way it receives focus to see whether it sorts the problem out for you, but I can’t be sure that it will.

Thanks for the trial to help.