BUG: Textbased Toolbar Attributes in MediaBay doesn't resize with amount of visible tools

The top toolbar in MediaBay has several tools, drop-down menus, etc. When removing visible tools, the text elements should resize. It doesn’t. Currently, I can’t see the text on the “Favorites” dropdown menu.

See attached screenshot. There is plenty of space that is unused, but the Favorites menu doesn’t resize horizontally.

There are unfortunately some places in Nuendo where you can’t read things or only half read them, because you can’t change the line spacing properly, for example.

Where I have the MediaBay window in mind right now: It’s about time that the pool gets the “new” design in the near future. :innocent:

It annoys me in the marker window that the full space is not used there. The column next to it is not occupied, so there would still be enough space. Nevertheless, I can’t enlarge the description column beyond a certain width. :angry:


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Completely agree about that. I wonder how much of this is due to Nuendo/Cubase’s age old codebase. The UI needs a complete overhaul, especially on macOS that is a very bad port, but things like that (or bugs in general) seem to have lower priority than adding new features. As usual. There are bugs that I reported 7 years ago that still haven’t been fixed.

Yes, Cubase and Nuendo are old ladies. :wink: And there it is always dangerous when something is changed in the code. Even for long-time employees it might not be easy to always keep track of all dependencies.
But if it works for new functions, it should work even better for visual things. However, since many bugs in the GUI have been there for years, such problems really don’t seem to have a high priority at Steinberg. (Which I find unfortunate, since these things make fluent workflow unnecessarily difficult.)

I have published a similar problem HERE. Most users will hardly take notice of such trivialities. And Steinberg probably won’t either. But maybe they will surprise us. :blush:

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Omg, such an annoying “feature” you’ve got there.

No, it’s clear that Steinberg doesn’t care. What I don’t understand is why they don’t just halt ALL new features for one release or two – at least for Nuendo – and start fixing the mile-long backlog with bugs and massive design flaws.

Nuendo is used by professionals only (or at least that’s the target group), and I know I would throw money at a company that does that kind of investment in their software.