Bug That NEVER gets acknowledged

  1. Switch any VST Plug to ‘Generic’ view. (I use this feature ALL the time… in fact for most plugs, I much prefer the Generic view to the heavy graphics. The Generic view is often -far- more precise and informative.)

  2. Now try to enter a numeric value in a control. Doesn’t work. You HAVE to use the slider.

What drives me NUTS is that I’ve tried posting it with lots of ‘pretty please with sugar on top’ in the Issues forum many times and… like many such bugs… it never even gets posted. So it’s a bug, and a bug that doesn’t exist.

So my Feature Request? ACKNOWLEDGE obvious bugs like this fer cryin’ out loud. It’s the courteous thing to do.

It’s working fine for me with the few that I have just tried.

Miraculously, it appears that SB just approved my report as a legit bug. Only took 10 years. :smiley:

I’d be interested to know which ones you had success with.

I just tried it with several stock plugins, some waves and a couple of generic ones. It all seems to work fine, apart from UAD, where I got really random settings when i typed in a number. Running OS X 10.10.4 and Cubase Pro 8.0.20

Thanks for trying. I dunno what to say. On -Windows- 7 ultimate it fails on EVERY plug I try… SoundToys, UAD, even cheap-o 3rd Party ones. Gave it a shot on -2- machines. Same failure every time.

Entering a number in a field creates random problems. ALWAYS have to use the blue slider.

FWIW on my Win 7 + Cubase 7.5 x64 the behavior is erratic too. However with most of Cubase’s (VST3) stock plugins it works as expected, for example the Compressor (entire right one in the image below). But the older ones like e.g. MIDI gate, Da Tube etc. give unexpected results just like all the 3rd party VST2.4’s and VST3’s I tried.

Thanks. That demonstrates it =perfectly=. I rarely use the built-in plugs. But with EVERY 3rd party VST it misbehaves as in yer GIF. SoundToys, NI, UAD, Voxengo, TC, Softube… es macht nichts.

BTW: How did you make that animated GIF?


I use Licecap, but you can also use ScreenToGif.