BUG – The save multi dialog does not populate meta fields

When I save an existing multi it remembers the filename but does not re-populate the meta data like author, category etc. When I develop a multi and regularly save as I go, I frequently get dropped as the author unless I click the name of the multi in the listing on the left of the save dialog – a pain in the ass.

The current save multi dialog is error prone, requires too many clicks and is clunky in my view.

If I have got this wrong I apologise. If someone can suggest a better way, then thank you.

Indeed! The Multi Program should be selected right away to avoid that previously made tags gets lost.
I will see if we can improve this behaviour in one of the next HALion releases.

best regards

Thank you.

Is there any chance someone could fix this … it has been over a year now, seems a trivial bug to repair and is a little annoying.


It would be nice if this minor irritation was cleaned up at some point - it has been two years now since reported.