[BUG] The sends are missing after save and load channel's settings, since cubase 10.5

If i try to copy, and then paste a single, or multiple channel’s settings, then the inserts are copyed fine, but the sends arent . This is wery bad, becouse if i work on an album, i make diferent projects for difrent tracks. If i mix the first song, i want to copy the group channel’s settings to the second song. For this, i use the little arrow on the top of the mixer, and the “Save selkected channels…” otion. If i load beck the channels settings, in some other project (that is based on the same template, same groups, same fx channels), i lost all my send datas, and i must patch everithyng again.
In Cubase 9, 9.5, and 10, i can copy every settings, without problem. Since Cubase 10.5, the send’s settings are gone :frowning:

Photos for better understanding:
Copy leadVocal channel’s settings:

Paste LeadVocal setting’s to another projects (based on the same template, so the FX channels are the same):

  • i cannot put this image here becouse im new user :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ! Perfect support from steinberg, congratulation!

Please fix this bug.

The second image:

Paste LeadVocal setting’s to another projects (based on the same template, so the FX channels are the same):

Please fix this bug.

It works fine here.

You can paste it to another project?
I have 2 studio rooms with cubase 10.5, and cubase 11, and we have the same problem…

Yes, it works between project here.


Just stumbled on this issue myself just now in latest version 11.10 and can confirm it’s still there.

And the strange thing is that it seems that some Send info is actually saved and loaded but the Send is deactivated.

If you load saved channels with Send info on Mixer channels that are empty/clean:

  • The Send rack is updated and enabled (turns blue), but Destination info is empty and grey
  • If you click to activate/add Destination info values from saved info is activated (gets visible)

Just tried this by resetting all mixer channels and load channels stored earlier today with latest version. So this needs to be fixed.

And also, Routing info is also missing for saved channels, but don’t now if that is a bug or intentional.


Cubase 11 installed, and the bug is stlil here…